Sunday, 22 December 2013

My overall Moto for 2013

"Don't Put yourself in a Race for a Cup you do not want to Win"

Probably because of our age most people I know including myself seem to have a surge in achievement/goal anxiety. Well just because others are doing it doesn't mean that path/route/purchase is right for you.

What do you actually want? Work on that focus on it and forget about everyone else.

In a way I think 2014 will see me more self centered or Focused.

Saturday, 16 February 2013

start of a short story....

Chapter One- The Knowledge

I woke up this morning to find that they know everything

There is nothing else to know

I thought about going to speak to them

But it turns out because they know everything they predicted my journey,

By the time I reached downstairs there was a message stating:
Don’t bother coming and the following answers to the questions I hadn’t yet comprised-

1.       No
2.       There was but there is no longer
3.       There is a way but it would take too long and you are going to die before then
4.       Yes you will see her again but she will appear in another form
5.       12 hours
6.       It does hurt yes
7.       If you were 15 minutes earlier on that day your whole life would have been different as you  always suspected
8.       No you will never find him
9.       No you will never fit in it
1.   Yes you can ask for more questions but there is a price.

At this point I thought two things, firstly that they seem to want to get to the point. Secondly, oh shit now I’m going to have to work out the questions or at least where they are based to see if I had submitted the questions in a fashion that they could be recalled.
Then I noticed what was going to become the 3 must annoying letters of the message-


Well I did as you would-

P.S ( the two most annoying letters of the message)
“Don’t bother coming to find us, we know where you are – OBVIOUSLY

Yeah they managed to end the message on a sarcastic note which if it wasn’t so smugly in italic I would half smiled at, but they knew that didn’t they.

So I waited….

Wrote this one for Oscar RIP blade runner

What pressure it is to be a legend
I’d rather be average
Having people wonder why you said and thought that
Talking about you like you are already dead
That kind of shit must really mess with your head.
So something went wrong that day and everyone says you let them down
But when you did similar behind closed doors before nobody made a sound.

What pressure it is to be a legend
I’d rather sit that promenade out
Sample the joy and lick off some of the cream
But when it comes to accountability I want them to glare at others
Than shake their heads and think their pain was equal to my mothers
 So when you bowed your head and tried to hide away
They wouldn’t let you shelter your face from the public on this darkened day

What pressure it is to be a legend
I’d rather for thy self be proud
Then to be there shaking when the flashes begin
There is no way back for me I would surely have to think
They prodded and skinned me to the very worst brink
So when it comes time for me to speak
I hope that they understand just like them I am just weak.

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Miss Laura Made Me This

I pity the Fool

Look at this MAN and I stress the word man, he was in his LATE 30s. Sonic he can really move (this man couldnt) sonic he has an attitude.....

Skirt that I made

Here is one I made earlier. I made this when I was off but didnt manage to upload it.

Saturday, 28 January 2012

Dressy Hair

I have actually started to make things with my time off woop woop. Yes its gonna be sooo hard to go back to work but as for now im loving it. Always a fan of cherry prints on anything... more to come